April 2016 to March 2017 Customer Feedback Data - Q1 to Q4

Mystery Shopping

  • Milton Keynes citizens volunteered to carry out mystery shops on a variety of services, services were assessed online and by phone and given an overall score from both contacts. Our average mystery shopping score for the year was 82%.

Complaints and compliments

  • April to June 2016 - we received 288 complaints and 119 compliments
  • July to September 2016 - we received 277 complaints and 99 compliments
  • October to December 2016 - we received 257 complaints and 102 compliments
  • January to March 2017 - we received 254 complaints and 118 compliments
  • 96% of complaints were resolved at stage 1.   
  • 83% of complaints were dealt with on time.

Rate this page

  • 836 comments were received about our website. 

Improvement Opportunities:

  1. Responsiveness: Ensuring we get things right first time, preventing complaints where possible and learning from them consistently.
  2. Skills development: Ensuring customer service standards are understood and achieved.
  3. Technology: Incorporating customer feedback and complaints within the new digital platform.

Last Updated: 16 July 2019