COVID-19: changes to council services

We're continuing to help local people every day, but some council facilities and services may be affected by the rise in local COVID-19 rates.

Individual service pages are the best place to look for the very latest updates. 

Visit our meetings and papers pages for information on council meetings.  

Main changes (A-Z)

Service  Summary of COVID-19 changes
Bereavement Services 


This is the latest information about funerals (PDF, 175KB) which includes the number of seats/mourners currently allowed. 

Birth Registration

Please visit Birth Registration to check how to make a booking. We are still open for registration. Babies must be registered within 42 days/six weeks where possible. 

Blue Badge Applications

Please see Disabled Parking - Blue Badge Scheme for more information about extra financial help and how to contact us.

Bus Services Face coverings must be worn on public transport. Find out about bus timetables and routes.

Business Rates

Please visit the Business Rates web page for more information about Business Rates and how to contact us.


Small citizenship events are being organised as certificates are received from the Home Office.  Please read your letter from the Home Office carefully before contacting us.  If we do not have your certificate we cannot make you an appointment and contacting us will sadly not speed up the process.

Community Transport

Please check Milton Keynes Council Community Transport for any updates. 

Death Registration

Legislation now allows deaths to be registered by phone. Find out more at our death registration pages.


At certain times, if our workforce is impacted by COVID-19 cases or restrictions, we may need to prioritise essential / emergency roadworks (e.g. pothole repair) only.

Homelessness Prevention

Please call 01908 253481 or email for help.  We are asking people at risk of no place to sleep that evening to call us before 1pm.

Housing At certain times, if our workforce and partners are impacted by COVID-19 cases or restrictions, we will focus on essential repairs and checks that keep tenants safe.  Find out more about Housing here.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction

Please see Benefits & Council Tax for more information and how to contact us.

Local Welfare Assistance

Please see Extra Financial Help for more information about extra financial help and how to contact us instead of visiting.

Marriage, Civil Partnerships and legal preliminaries


We remain open for notice appointments for MK residents. Couples making a new ceremony booking must ensure a notice appointment is available before booking/confirming a ceremony date so statutory lead times can be met. Please call us on 01908 372101 or book online: Marriage, Civil Partnerships and Other Ceremonies.


Planning Applications

Please call or email: details at


Report any safeguarding concerns at or call 999 if someone is in immediate danger.

SENDIAS (Special Education Needs and Disabilities)

Please call 01908 254518 or email 

Taxi Licensing

Please call us on 01908 252860 or email 

Trading Standards

Call 0808 2231133 or email You can also report a scam relating to coronavirus.

Waste and Recycling Visit the waste and recycling web page to find the latest updates.

Last Updated: 7 March 2022