Schools Governance and Audit

The advice and guidance the Council provides to support Schools delivering the highest standards of governance and control can be found here. This also provides guidance to schools on what to expect if they are selected for an Internal Audit as part of the Council’s wider Audit Plan work providing assurance to the Council’s 151 Officers regarding those funds administered by Schools.

We provide below some useful documents to explain what is covered by a schools audit and some further contacts if you have any queries:

If you are a school that has received notification of being audited, please contact the Auditor who has written to you who will be able to progress those issues more quickly than the contacts below. 

For all other concerns or queries please contact:


Internal Audit (including Risk Management and Fraud concerns)

Schools Leadership and Governance Team
Leadership and Governance
01908 252032/254733

Governor Training Development
01908 254696

Duncan Wilkinson – Chief Internal Auditor
01908 252089             

Last Updated: 14 January 2021