Senior Role Profiles - Transparency

In addition to the publishing of senior salary information (CSV, 3KB), the Transparency Code 2015 requires that role responsibilities for all senior employees whose salary exceeds £50,000 are also made available.

According to the Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2011, ‘senior employees’ are defined as those earning more than £50,000 per year and who is either:

  • A head of paid service or chief officer
  • Head of staff or
  • A person who has responsibility for the management of the relevant body to the extent that the person has power to direct or control the major activities of the body (in particular activities involving the expenditure of money).

The role profiles below contain details of the responsibilities of Senior employees as required by the Transparency Code 2015.

(Please note that Job Titles on the senior salary list may slightly differ from the Role Profile.)

Role Profile Chief Executive (DOCX, 50KB)

Role Profile Corporate Director Place (DOCX, 129KB)

Role Profile Corporate Director Resources (DOC, 66KB)

Role Profile Director of Strategy and Futures (DOCX, 21KB)

Role Profile Director of Policy, Insight and Communications (DOCX, 27KB)

Role Profile Head of Environment & Waste Services (DOCX, 69KB)

Role Profile Head of Older People’s Housing & Community Support Services (DOC, 519KB)

Role Profile Head of Safeguarding (DOC, 70KB)

Role Profile Head of Delivery Sufficiency & Access (DOC, 156KB)

Role Profile Head of Regulatory Unit (DOC, 125KB)

Role Profile Head of Delivery SEN & Children with Disabilities (DOC, 104KB)

Role Profile Head of Delivery Corporate Parenting (DOC, 102KB)

Role Profile Head of Delivery Child & Family Social Work (DOC, 169KB)

Role Profile Head of Setting & School Effectiveness (DOC, 107KB)

Role Profile Head of IT Services (DOCX, 81KB)

Role Profile Service Director Public Realm (DOC, 337KB)

Role Profile Head of Transport Innovation (DOCX, 25KB)

Role Profile Head of Youth and Community (DOCX, 55KB)

Role Profile Assistant Director of Joint Commissioning (DOC, 120KB)

Role Profile Chief Internal Auditor (DOC, 188KB)

Role Profile Service Director, Adult Services (DOC, 79KB)

Role Profile Service Director, Housing (DOCX, 22KB)

Role Profile Service Director, Law and Governance (DOC, 193KB)

Role Profile Service Director, Children's Services (DOC, 67KB)

Role Profile Service Director, Growth Economy and Culture (DOCX, 37KB)

Role Profile Service Director, Built Assets (DOCX, 96KB)

Role Profile Head of Service - Access, Reablement & Hospital Discharge (DOC, 176KB)

Role Profile Head of Assessment and Safeguarding (DOC, 121KB)

Role Profile Head of Learning Disability, Mental Health and Autism Services (DOC, 240KB)

Role Profile Head of Economy and Culture (DOC, 169KB)

Role Profile Head of Place Making (DOCX, 59KB)

Role Profile Head of Transport  (DOCX, 67KB)

Role Profile Head of HR (DOCX, 1008KB)

Role Profile Head of Legal Services & Deputy Monitoring Officer (DOC, 179KB)

Role Profile Head of Planning (DOCX, 68KB)

Role Profile Service Director Financial and Resources (DOC, 64KB)

Role Profile, Head of Reablement and Hospital Discharge Services (DOC, 176KB)

Role Profile, Head of Communities

Role Profile, Head of Homelessness Prevention and Housing Options (DOCX, 63KB)

Last Updated: 30 April 2019