Public Sector Equality Duty

Please find links to profiles and reports outlining how the Council has due regard to its equality duties, including our 6 equality objectives.

The documents below contain Council Staff Profiles and the Equality Objectives Performance report. These are published in accordance with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.

Staff Diversity Profile & Equality Performance 2019 (April) (PDF, 385KB)

Staff Diversity Profile & Equality Performance 2018 (April) (PDF, 461KB)

Staff Diversity Profile & Equality Performance 2017 (Nov) (PDF, 627KB)

Staff Diversity Profile & Equality Performance 2017 (April) (PDF, 702KB)

The Council's Equality Objectives are:

Staff: work to ensure that the staff profile matches that of the working age population in MK

Budget: work with partners to mitigate the impact of cuts on the most vulnerable members of society by completing all adjustments recommended in the annual budget’s Equality Impact Assessment

Homelessness: support people at a time of crisis by reducing the number households in temporary accommodation and the number of days spent in that accommodation

Development: every area of Milton Keynes is able to benefit from the benefits of growth with the completion of all the projects identified in the 2017 ‘Growth, Economy and Culture Service Plan’ to accessibility standards and project expectations

Adult Social Care: putting power into the hands of Adult Social Care Service users so they can make their own decisions about the services they want through increasing the proportion of adults who have a direct payment

Mental Health: Ensure good Mental health is a key to ensuring wellbeing by completing a service transformation with improved mental health outcomes


Last Updated: 29 June 2020