Land categorisation

Land categorisation plans

These land categorisation plans were developed to help the council understand and manage the land it owns and maintains and also to identify the current and potential future use of that land.

The land categorisation exercise covers the whole borough and has helped the council's property team to understand what land the council owns and maintains; what land is used for; what land has the potential to transfer to other organisations such as town and parish councils, (potentially) residents and what land has potential for development. The plans also identify land owned by the Parks Trust and Milton Keynes Development Partnership as well as land maintained by Milton Keynes Council (but whose ownership is currently unknown).

The categorisation identified for each site has no formal status. The purpose of the categorisation was to provide a tool to help the council's property team to audit and manage council owned land. Work on the land categorisation project concluded in Autumn 2014. 

The council have as yet not made any decisions regarding any of these categories of land and these maps have been made available on our website for information purposes only.

There are 44 Parish Plans available.

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