Council Plan 2016 – 2022

Setting out how Milton Keynes Council will work to achieve its ambitions for Milton Keynes, with the principles and values of a co-operative council, based on its values. The plan was approved by Council on 17 June 2020.

The Council Plan has eight priority themes within which there are specific commitments for action, these sit under three overall aims for Milton Keynes: to be a place of opportunity, an affordable place and a healthy place. Priorities are set out to reflect the most significant outcomes. making the greatest impact.  Progress against delivery is reported to councillors and other stakeholders.

Current version of the Council Plan. (PDF, 297KB)  

Links to 2018/19 progress reports to Cabinet:

5 June 2018
6 November 2018 
5 March 2019

Links to 2017/18 progress reports to Cabinet:

12 September 2017 
2 January 2018

Links to 2016/17 progress reports to Cabinet:

Quarter 1 - 11 October 2016, Item 12
Quarter 2 - 3 January 2017, Item 14
Quarter 3 - 4 April 2017, Item 14

Partnership Agreement

The result of the Local Government Elections in May 2019 resulted in no overall control meaning that no single party was in a position to govern Milton Keynes.  Local Government Elections in May 2020 were postponed until May 2021 due to the COVID19 crisis.

However, the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties agreed it was vital for the future of Milton Keynes to formally agree to work in partnership continuing the arrangement established in 2016.

The Agreement to Work in Partnership document (PDF, 79KB) sets out the vision and priorities of the partnership.

Last Updated: 18 June 2020