Forward Plan

The Leader of the Council will produce a Forward Plan of all decisions to be taken by the Cabinet and individual Cabinet Members.

The Plan will also include key decisions to be taken by officers.

A key decision is an executive decision which:

(a) has significant budget implications for the service concerned; or

(b) has a significant effect on the communities of two or more wards of the Borough.

The Forward Plan will contain the following information:

(a) the subject of the decision to be made;

(b) who is going to make the decision;

(c) when the decision is going to be made;

(d) the documents which will be taken into account when the decision is made; and

(e) whether the public are likely to be excluded while the decision is being made.

If you wish to make representations as to why a decision, shown on the Forward Plan as likely to be taken while the public are excluded, should be taken in public, you should write to Democratic Services (address above) stating why you think the decision should be made in public. Any representations must be submitted in writing by noon eight clear working days in advance of the meeting. Working days do not include the day of the meeting, weekends or public holidays (this day will normally be a Thursday).

The Democratic Services Team will consider your representation and decide whether or not he will recommend to the decision-maker to exclude the public and press when the report is considered. The Assistant Director will notify you of his decision in writing.

Democratic Services can be contacted using the details in the address box.

Viewing the Forward Plan

The Forward Plan can be viewed in the documents section of our Council Meetings Information System.

Last Updated: 25 August 2020