MK Futures 2050 Commission

Making a Great City Greater 

The future of Milton Keynes and its importance in the development of the UK economy is now being explored by a new commission of independent specialists initiated by Milton Keynes Council. The MK Futures 2050 Commission is exploring what makes a great city in terms of theory and practice, as Milton Keynes strives for economic growth, since it was first designated as a New Town nearly 50 years ago.

The MK Futures 2050 Commission comprises of nine independent specialists; its Chair is Sir Peter Gregson, Vice Chancellor at Cranfield University with all other commissioners drawn from a variety of backgrounds with either strong local connections or as experts in key topics that can give a wide range of knowledge and viewpoints to feed into the debate. Further information on each Commissioner (PDF, 237KB)

The Commission is set to engage and explore what it means to make a great city greater; discussing what factors could affect Milton Keynes over the coming decades and the possible future scenarios that could be created when thinking about those drivers.

The intention is that at the end of the Commission’s research, an evidence based report will be produced from a series of recommendations including viewpoints from stakeholders and will be put forward to Milton Keynes Council by July 2016.

It is hoped that the significance of the project will help to develop a framework, or a ‘deal’ with government, businesses and other relevant stakeholders to help put in place the arrangements that will help deliver the vision for Milton Keynes’ future.

Similarly, the recommendations of the Commission will also inform key strategies and policies for the Council, including the development of Plan:MK as the plan-making process are working in parallel, so the outputs of the Commission will also help refine and improve the emerging Plan:MK.   

Alongside the Commissioners, other external organisations are involved in the process as Expert Advisers. In particular, these involve Foresight Future of Cities, part of the Government Office for Science, who has been involved in similar futures work in other cities across the country. The Commission is also being supported by the Future Cities Catapult and Centre for Cities.

What makes a great city? December Public Event

The 1st public event held on Wednesday 16th December included presentations by speakers from the Commission and the local community who discussed what makes Milton Keynes a great place and how we could make it even greater. Read all presentations (PDF, 6MB)from the evening.  

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In the meantime, why not get involved in the debate on some of the key questions that the Commissioners will be considering through their work?

‘What do you like about Milton Keynes?’

‘What do you think makes a great city?’

‘What could make Milton Keynes greater?'

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Last Updated: 28 June 2021