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How do I register for a MyCouncil account 


How do I register for a MyCouncil Council Tax Account


Adding additional email addresses to reports or requests to keep Friends, Neighbours or constituents up to date


Open service requests and tagging yourself on to open requests 



How do I register for a MyCouncil account 

How to Register for a MyCouncil Account (PDF, 379KB)

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How do I register for a MyCouncil Council Tax Account 

How do I register for a Council Tax Account (PDF, 487KB)

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 Adding additional email addrsses to reports or requests to keep Friends, Neighbours or constituents up to date

Once you have completed your online report and are on the customer details page you are asked "Would you like anyone else to be kept updated of this request?" if you select Yes you are given another field to compete where you can add another email address if you want to keep more than one person upto date then you will need to repeat the process. you must ensure that you have the persons permission to add their email address before doing so.

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Open service requests (Potholes in road) and tagging yourself on to open requests

On the map any open issues/requests for “Pothole in road” are displayed by the green pins to advise customers that MKC are aware of the issue in the specified location.

you will then be prompted to select the location of the issue.  If the issue you are reporting is located in the same location as an existing request you are able to click on the open service request pin.

You will then be provided with further information about the reported issue please see example:

We already have a a report logged for this location and our teams are aware of the issue. Current status: Remedial work was carried out to ensure highway safety, further works are still required to fully complete repair

Clicking on an open service request it will display:

  1. The current status of the request.
  2. The date the issue was reported.
  3. When it was last updated by the MKC back office team or Contractor.
  4. The number of times this issue has been reported by customers (i.e how many people are currently “tagged” onto this request to receive updates.)
  5. A further descriptive of the “Current Status” of the request.

You can then decide whether you want to continue to be notified of any updates to this request (i.e. be tagged onto this request). If you click on Yes you will then be prompted to enter your details so that you can receive email notification of any further updates.

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Last Updated: 2 March 2020