Find out who the 57 councillors elected in Milton Keynes are and how the responsibility is divided between 19 wards.  Politically, the council is under no overall control.  

The political make-up is:

  • Conservatives – 24
  • Labour - 19
  • Liberal Democrats - 13
  • Independent - 1

Some councillors have special responsibilities. You can read more about these in Cabinet Portfolios and How the Council Works.

Who is my ward councillor?

List of ward councillors

You can also find out who your ward councillor is by using the My Milton Keynes mapping system and entering your post code, it will also list the contact details of your parish council.

What are my local councillor's interests?

Each ward councillor within their profile has a section with their register of interests, a list of all ward councillors is available online, click on a councillor to see their profile.

You can find a list of all parish councillors, and their "register of interests" online as well.

New to the area?  Remember, you may need to register to vote. It's easy to do and only takes a few minutes. Visit:

Last Updated: 24 September 2021