COVID-19 Recovery Framework


The Council’s Covid-19 Strategic Recovery Framework (PDF, 2.3MB) outlines how Milton Keynes and its people can successfully recover from the impact of COVID-19.

It outlines how MKC will work as an organisation and with its partners on recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

In response to the challenges MK faces, the Council proposed its largest ever economic financial package for Milton Keynes’ ‘recover’ stage, worth £3.4m, alongside which it aims to protect and inspire at least £2bn of specific and identified investment into the city.  

The £3.4m investment will fund activity led by the Council and its partners to:

  • Transition to a greener economy that prioritises inclusive growth and reduces poverty and inequality
  • Support businesses and attract inward investment
  • Retain high levels of employment and reduce unemployment
  • Provide practical help and support to those in need
  • Deliver a financially sustainable council
Framework Fund

The breakdown of our £3.4 million Recovery Framework Fund is into the following categories.

  • £2.25 million for Economic Recovery Planning (of which £1m to support business recovery, £750k is to support people back to work, £250k to support women in work and £250k is to support young people)
  • £500k investment in sustainable transport, for cycling walking and sustainable modes of transport
  • £350k to tackle inequalities (of which £60k is to support Children’s Mental Health Services, £100k is to tackle health inequalities in BAME backgrounds, £40k for bereavement support, £150k to extend support for Foodbank Xtra
  • £150k for Community Restart support (of which £100k is for a VCSE Restructure fund and £50k is for a Community organisation support fund)
  • £150k to develop ‘shovel ready’ infrastructure schemes

The Economic Recovery Plan for Milton Keynes, supported by £2.25m of funding, was approved by Cabinet on 1st September 2020.

You can read more about our Economic Recovery plan here.

You can read more about the Green Business Recovery Fund here.

Last Updated: 22 February 2021