Economic Recovery Plan

The Economic Recovery Plan (ERP) published within the July 2020 Covid-19 Strategic Recovery Framework, allocated £2.25 million (later increased to £3.1m) for the Economic Recovery of Milton Keynes. The Economic Recovery Fund was set to be distributed to community groups, organisations and companies within the area of Milton Keynes with a focus on three main areas:

  • Supporting MK People
  • Supporting MK Businesses
  • Supporting our City

From September 2020, the Economic Development Team has worked on building key partnerships with selected organisations to support the development of schemes that directly benefit Milton Keynes residents and businesses. Below are highlights of the developments within this time frame.

The full plan can be found here: Economic Recovery Action Plan (PDF, 231KB)


Projects and Partnerships:

1. Supporting MK People

  • MK College: New Futures:MK

    • Timescale: 18 Months (Nov 2020 - May 2022)

By far the largest project, and highest single-investment scheme. A programme spanning 18 months and focused on individuals aged 16+ within in Milton Keynes needing skill enhancement for career planning and skill building with the aim of increasing employment opportunities. Together we have put an explanatory video on their channels as well as sending infographics out to online networks – the launch, in November 2020, included MK Citizen coverage and a high amount of online interaction.


  • Works 4 Us

    • Timescale: 12 Months (Oct 2020 - Dec 2021)

The Works 4 Us programme is a 14-month course targeted at women aiming to get back into work. That includes training and personal development, interview preparation and practice, and overall career guidance. Additional aid includes digital equipment for members without computer/device access.


  • WorkTree

    • Timescale: 7 Months (Sep 2020 – Jul 2021)

A local charity that specialises in providing career insights for secondary school children and employee interaction via online meetings. The scheme was formerly face to face, however, has needed to adapt to online sessions with for ‘Career Snapshots’ software that enables individuals with interesting careers a time to explain their industry pathways to Secondary and Primary School students. (Completed)


  • Women Leaders

    • Timescale: 18 Months (May 2021 - Dec 2022)

The Council is working with Women Leaders UK on an 18-month mentoring and professional networking support scheme for women living in the Milton Keynes authority area who are out of work, and an Allyship programme for senior leaders to be delivered to MK based businesses.

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2. Supporting Business

  • Protospace

    • Timescale: 11 Months (Oct 2020 - Dec 2021)

A collaboration between Made in MK, MK Geek Night, and Pooleyville; Protospace was created to address the lack of a centralised hub, both physical and virtual, for tech entrepreneurs and creators based in Milton Keynes. A 14-month programme to deliver a series of events and workshops to provide an incubation space for innovation, learning, and business development.


  • The Rebel Business School (formerly the Pop-Up Business School)

    • Timescale:  Nov 2020 / Feb 2021 / Apr 2021

A national organisation with local projects for three two-week virtual pop-up business schools. During the 10-day course, the school works with participants to teach intermediate-level classes on starting, running and sustaining a business. Out of the 3 business schools Februarys 335 Attendees in Februarys Business School - the highest number of participants in a single event for the companies 10-year history. (Completed)


  • MK Artificial Intelligence

    • Timescale: 6 Months (Sep 2020 - Mar 2021)

A tech focused community group that aims to make Artificial Intelligence accessible to the wider Milton Keynes Community, this involves hosting monthly MKAI Expert Forum Meetups, interactive problem-solving discussions and sessions delivered by professionals. The organisation also works by connecting the community to academic institutions to create awareness of the opportunities for businesses from interns, research, advice and consulting. Milton Keynes has committed to funding the organisation for 6 months. (Completed)


  • FSB (Federation of Small Businesses)

    • Timescale: 6 Months (Sep 2020 - Mar 2021)

A national organisation has helped over 150 small to medium sized businesses find support, legal and HR advice, as well as local networking groups and business banking. This was another unique programme for the fund, as it involves a membership fee purchase, making the annual membership free for businesses who come under the Economic Recovery Plan. (Completed)

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3. Supporting our City

  • Indie Collective

    • Timescale: 3 months (23 Oct 2020 until 31 Dec 2020)

The Indie Collective is a crowdfunded project that showcases independent product-selling businesses within Milton Keynes, the Recovery Plan match-funded an Intu store during the Autumn and Christmas Season of 2020. (Completed)


  •  Love Local

    • Timescale: 8 Months (1 Jun 2021 - 1 Feb 2022)

An independent City Centre MK shop showcasing small business within Milton Keynes with handmade and local products. Milton Keynes Council is funding a business support and mentoring scheme which aims to provide 50 MK based female founded start-ups with retail space, business reviews and web services training for 8 weeks per business.

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4. Green Businesses

  • National Energy Foundation

    • Timescale: 12 Months (May 2021 - Apr 2022)

The National Energy Foundation (NEF) have 3 sections which the economic recovery plan is funding.

1. To support at least 25 Milton Keynes businesses for green business growth (by gaining accreditation). 

2. To train 25 people from Milton Keynes to become Retrofit Coordinators and Assessors.

3. To redevelop NEF's ‘face to face’ training materials on energy awareness in order to make them available online. 


  • Bridgman and Bridgman

    • Timescale: 12 Months (May 2021 - Apr 2022) 

Saxon Court Green Roof Project - This scheme is Green Roof installations and construction skills project aimed at young unemployed individuals from YMCA MK and Groundwork UK who will be trained on the installation and maintenance of green roofs within Saxon Court. The scheme will launch on the 6 June, World Green Roof Day.

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Last Updated: 12 January 2022