You can help


Everyone can help to control COVID-19 by following the latest measures to prevent the spread of the virus, such as regular handwashing, staying distant, and isolating and getting a test if you have symptoms.  But if you’re in a position to do so, there are some other straightforward ways to help others during the pandemic.

Help neighbours

Check up on your neighbours (while following all social distancing measures) and if possible shop or collect items for people who are shielding. Share important information with people who aren’t digitally well connected. Look out for friends, family and neighbours who may be vulnerable to scams. Find out more about being a good neighbour here.


We set up the MK Emergency Response Appeal at the start of the pandemic with the MK Community Foundation, kicking things off with a £50,000 donation. So far more than 80 charities and groups in MK have been supported and over £420,000 has been raised and distributed. Donate to support local groups helping vulnerable people through COVID-19.

We partnered with the MK charity Food Bank to help them expand  to Food Bank Xtra. We provided resources including extra space and people so they can reach more local people in food crisis. You can donate money online or food at many local supermarkets.

Reporting concerns

One of the ways local people can help is by reporting serious concerns about workplaces and other facilities where social distancing and other measures aren’t being followed. Intelligence like this can help us to track and control virus transmission.

Please tell us when the breach of restrictions took place, and a full address of the site if known. Your details will not be shared with the person or place you are telling us about.

You can write to us at

We may not reply to all messages but we will read them all, and they’ll be used to gather intelligence so we can take action where needed.

Last Updated: 20 August 2020