How to vote at the Polling Station

You do not need your polling card to vote at the polling station.

As long as you’re registered to vote at your current address you’ll receive a poll card a few weeks before an election. They’re usually posted out in batches, so cards for different voters at the same address might arrive at different times.

The poll card will tell you how, where and when to vote. It’s for information only and you don’t need to have it with you at the polling station to vote, so don't worry if you lose it or forget it. (You can still vote as long as you’re registered).

You’ll vote at a polling station near your home, for example at a local school or village hall. Each polling station will have a clear sign outside. On election day polling stations are open from 7am - 10pm.

When you arrive, you’ll need to confirm your name and address to the staff at the polling station, and they’ll give you a ballot paper stamped with an official mark. The ballot paper will say how many candidates you can vote for (in some local elections you may have more than one vote so please read these instructions carefully). 

Take the ballot paper to one of the polling booths and put a cross in the box next to the name of the candidate(s) you want to support. Do not write anything else on the ballot paper, otherwise your vote might not count. Once you’ve voted, fold the ballot paper over so your choice can’t be seen and put it in the locked ballot box. Staff at the polling station will make sure that only votes are put into the box. You don't have to tell anyone who you voted for.

Last Updated: 27 November 2019