Grants to organisations

Q: The cuts in the wider use grant will affect the MK Scout movement.

They currently rely on using premises such as School Academies which they have to hire. They need accommodation as they have little land resources and often the premises they do use are not fit for purpose and there is no where to store their equipment. They only own 6 buildings so if these cuts are made it will significantly affect them!

A: There is available Community Foundation Land and MKC need to facilitate negotiations of how this land is used to maybe assist groups.   

Q: I am the principle carer for my daughter. The council have a responsibility to prioritise vulnerable people and she wants an assurance that MKC will continue to provide priority and suitable funding for people whose services will make a life or death impact?

A: Changes such as the Better Care fund is intended to ensure that vulnerable people and carers are supported to help people remain as independent in this own homes for as long as possible.

This is a government initiative that required local adult social care services and the NHS to work together in a joined up way. Milton Keynes has good existing integrated services.

Q: I want to ask about the proposal to co-locate day centres, schools and community halls . This will cost money as a centre is built to accommodate certain vulnerable people?

A: We will need to look carefully at any plans to ensure we make the best use of every facility. We have and will carry out equality impact assessments to help us make those decisions. We will not put services into unsuitable facilities. We also are not looking at relocating specialist services.  

Q: Your 2020 vision – what is the role of volunteers in terms of delivering services?

A: We know we cannot rely on volunteers to deliver everything.

It is important that people are paid for their work and that there is a need for money to pay for volunteer managers in order to manage and increase volunteering activity in the borough.

Q: Why haven’t smaller groups been contacted and warned about the possible cuts to their funding?  Has an equality Impact assessment been carried out?

A: We are working with Community Action to bring a group of small organisations together so that everyone is aware as to whether they may be affected.

Equality impact assessments have been completed, althought these will be revised before the final budget is determined.

The Leader of Milton Keynes Council has asked to be provided with a list of every organisation that will be affected so and this list is being collated. Once we have all the information a meeting will be convened with these organisations invited to attend

Last Updated: 30 November 2017