Help us test a new version of our website


We’re making updates to our website to make it more accessible, and easy to use.

We’re at the end of our current website contract and are taking the opportunity to move to what’s called an ‘open source’ site, which runs on secure software that’s been created for all councils to share and collaborate on. More and more councils are choosing this option as it leads to lower website costs and more creative online tools.

We’ll be moving to the new version of our site shortly (it will remain at and you can get an early look at it by clicking here.

The link will take you to the ‘beta’ version of the site, which means it’s not the real and final version which is still being tested and fine-tuned. You might get an occasional error message or see out of date material. Some sections, including consultations and past elections results, are still being developed. However, you’ll get a good sense of the layout and material. 

Each page has a feedback button. Please click to tell us about your experience as you'll be helping to make the final website better for everyone.


Last Updated: 18 March 2022