Milton Keynes Language Service

MK Language Service provides professional and confidential interpretation and translation services with qualified and skilled interpreters who have experience of health and social care requirements.


Interpretation is offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in all spoken and many non-spoken languages. Services include:

-face to face interpreters

-telephone interpretation on demand via a dedicated line

-non-spoken face to face interpreters e.g. British Sign Language and other non-spoken languages

-lip speaking


Confidential translation is offered for all document types including birth certificates, reports, leaflets and health and social care information. Translation can be for hard copy or electronic information such as websites and PDF documents. Braille and other translation services are also available.

About us

MK Language Service has over thirty years’ experience of providing competitive, high quality and confidential interpretation and translation services. Originally part of Milton Keynes Council, interpreters supported interactions with the area’s increasing number of foreign language-speaking residents. Responding to demand, expansion means we are now part of LGSS and provide services to a wide range of public sector and corporate customers including surrounding local authorities, NHS Trusts and legal/court functions. Today, MK Language Service:

-provides services to over 100 customers

-has the largest network of interpreters in the Eastern Region - over 350

-offers 240 languages

To book

For more information or to book an interpreter please call 01908 253 253 (24 hours)

Last Updated: 20 December 2017