Milton Keynes Language Service

Due to current Coronavirus guidance MK Language Service cannot access the telephone system, please send all communication via email to

What is the Language Service?

MK Language Service (originally part of Milton Keynes Council) is part of LGSS and provides services to a wide range of public sector and corporate customers including surrounding local authorities, NHS Trusts and legal/court functions. It offers:

  • Interpretation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in all spoken and many non-spoken languages
  • Confidential translation for all document types including birth certificates, reports, leaflets and health and social care information. Translation can be for hard copy or electronic information such as websites and PDF documents. Braille and other translation services are also available.

To book and more information

To book an interpreter or translator please use our online form or for more information please see the Language Services (LGSS website).

Last Updated: 4 May 2020