MK outbreak control plan

Help MK Control Covid-19

The MK Outbreak Control Plan (PDF, 906KB) is designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in MK. 

The plan sets out some of MK’s areas for priority attention to prevent outbreaks, and the steps local people and organisations should take if there is an outbreak.  

It’s led by Milton Keynes Council in conjunction with Public Health England, and eighteen local organisations provided feedback to help inform it.

The plan will be updated regularly as new insights into the virus and its management are known. The Milton Keynes Health and Wellbeing Board will oversee its delivery.


Council Leader Pete Marland's weekly COVID-19 update

Click the links below to watch Milton Keynes Council Leader Pete Marland's weekly COVID-19 update.

FINAL - Pete video still
July 2020 Aug 2020 Sep 2020 Oct 2020 Nov 2020
Fri 3 Jul Fri 7 Aug Fri 4 Sep Fri 2 Oct Wed 4 Nov
Fri 10 Jul Fri 14 Aug Fri 11 Sep Fri 9 Oct Tue 10 Nov
Fri 17 Jul Fri 21 Aug Fri 18 Sep Fri 16 Oct Fri 13 Nov
Fri 24 Jul Fri 28 Aug Fri 25 Sep Fri 23 Oct Tue 17 Nov
Fri 31 Jul     Fri 30 Oct Fri 20 Nov

COVID-19 prevention weekly update slide

Click the links below to view our weekly update slide. This includes our positive case rate along with some of the actions taken as part of our COVID-19 Outbreak Control Plan.

Weekly update 19 November (PDF, 230KB)

Weekly update 12 November (PDF, 207KB)

Weekly update 5 November (PDF, 284KB)

Weekly update 29 October (PDF, 211KB)

Weekly update 22 October (PDF, 197KB)

Weekly update 15 October (PDF, 220KB)

Weekly update 8 October (PDF, 242KB)

Weekly update 1 October (PDF, 242KB)

Weekly update 24 September (PDF, 214KB)

Weekly update 17 September (PDF, 208KB)

Weekly update 10 September (PDF, 266KB)

Weekly update 3 September (PDF, 213KB)

Reporting concerns

One of the ways local people can help is by reporting serious concerns about workplaces and other facilities where social distancing and other measures aren’t being followed. Intelligence like this can help us to track and control virus transmission.

Please tell us when the breach of restrictions took place, and a full address of the site if known. Your details will not be shared with the person or place you are telling us about.

You can write to us at

We may not reply to all messages but we will read them all, and they’ll be used to gather intelligence so we can take action where needed.

Last Updated: 20 November 2020