Milton Keynes Budget 2017/18

Milton Keynes Council is facing the most difficult budget period we have ever had to deal with. Government cuts and a rise in demand for some of our services means we face difficult times and some tough choices.

Difficult times, tough choices

Demand for MK Council services has risen sharply, especially from vulnerable people.

Compared to five years ago we’re now:

  • helping almost 25% more children in care 
  • assisting five times as many people who need temporary housing
  • managing triple the amount of adult safeguarding issues

We spend about two thirds of our overall budget on adult and children’s care, and costs have grown by £18m. 

So far we’ve been managing this through:

  • reducing our costs
  • employing fewer people
  • putting more services online
  • sharing some of our services with other Councils.

However we’ve also made cuts that you’ll have started to notice. It’s taking a bit longer inbetween the times we sweep your streets and we are doing less of things like cutting back bushes and fixing fewer street signs. We also now have to charge for a few things that we used to offer for free or charge more for others.

So far we’ve cut £111m from our budget, but we need to find another £22m next year, and £60m by 2020.

It’s a huge financial challenge and there are no easy choices left to make. More cuts plus increased demand means some council services will have to reduce significantly or stop altogether. We will have to ask our partners to take on more responsibility for some services too.

We are having to rethink everything the Council does and how we do it. We rightly have a duty to look after the most vulnerable people, and that won’t change. 

Our priorities remain:

  • Mental health services
  • Domestic violence services
  • Tackling homelessness
  • Building more houses
  • Looking after children in care
  • Caring for our elderly 

But as a result we will spend less elsewhere.

As much as we’d like to, we can’t afford to do everything we used to and we need to be honest about that.

Our draft propsals are now live and available for viewing by following the link below, all the relevant budget papers can be found on the left hand side of the page :

2017/18 Budget Consultation

The public consultation has begun and will remain live until the 31 January 2017.

A guide to the budget is available by clicking the link on the left hand side of the page.

Feedback received by 31 January will be shared with councillors before a final budget is debated in February 2017.

Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

You can reach us in the following ways:

Visit one of our budget
public roadshows

Roadshows will
begin at 6pm until
approx 8pm

(There is no need to book,
please just come along)

Thursday 12 January 2017
Transport Systems Catapult
The Pinnacle, 3rd Floor
170 Midsummer Boulevard
Central Milton Keynes, MK9 1BP

Tuesday 17 January 2017
Transport Systems Catapult
The Pinnacle, 3rd Floor
170 Midsummer Boulevard
Central Milton Keynes, MK9 1BP

Thursday 19 January 2017
Abbey Hill Golf Club
Monks Way, Two Mile Ash,
Milton Keynes, MK8 8AA.

Wednesday 25 January 2017
West Bletchley Council Offices
221 Whaddon Way, Bletchley,
Milton Keynes, MK3 7DZ

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2017/18 Budget Consultation

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Last Updated: 16 November 2017