Where can I get MK data?

Information regarding Milton Keynes is contained in a number of sites, which are update regularly. Links are provided to a few of the most useful sites, all of which contain information updated by other organisations.

Basic and comparative information can be found on the Centre for Cities website

Some other highlighted pages:


  • 2011 Census data can be accessed from NOMIS


  • Labour Market Profile NOMIS
  • Ward Profiles - choose the ward (based on 2011 wards only) NOMIS


IMD 2019

[Tip: if you want to know the location of the LSOA, cut and paste the code into https://www.doogal.co.uk/LSOA.php?code=E01016710 with the code follows the equals sign]

Please download and search these sites for more indepth information and reports or search data.



Last Updated: 18 November 2019