Planning Application Validation Requirements consultation


Milton Keynes City Council has reviewed its former Local Validation List for planning applications and a new version has been prepared – the Planning Application Validation Requirements (‘PAVR’). The Council would like to invite interested parties to have their say on the draft document. 

The draft PAVR is available for comment during a seven-week period of public consultation which starts on Friday 30th September 2022. Your comments must arrive no later than 5:15pm on Friday 18th November 2022. Late representations will not be considered. 

You can download a copy of the draft PAVR here. The Housing Accommodation Schedule contained within the PAVR document at Annex E is available as a separate Excel download here.


What is the PAVR?

The PAVR informs applicants and their agents/consultants submitting development proposals of the information that will be required to support a planning or related application. It provides detail on the manner and detail of that information, and when the information will be required, depending on the scale, nature and location of the proposal. 

It is divided into multiple sections, by application type, along with overarching requirements applicable to all types of application. 

Legislation requires the Council to review the PAVR every two years. As a result, the Council’s current validation requirements have undergone a significant review to reflect changes in planning legislation, policy and guidance. The main changes incorporated into the proposed PAVR are: 

  • Presentation of the requirements by application type instead of two ‘halves’ dealing with national and local requirements; 

  • Amendments to all sections to make the requirements clearer and updating the references to current legislation, planning policy, guidance and standing advice; 

  • Clear inclusion of where and when requirements will be triggered, along with links to other resources to allow this to be carried out in a ‘self-service’ manner; and 

  • Inclusion of new requirements to reflect adoption of supplementary planning documents and changes to national legislation and policy since 2020. 



It should be noted that the draft PAVR incorporates the national validation requirements. These are included solely to aid applicants, stakeholders and other interested parties by providing a single point of reference for all items required to make an application complete, or valid. As national validation requirements are prescribed through legislation or national policy and guidance, comments on the necessity or proportionally of these requirements are beyond the scope of this consultation and will not be considered. We only seek your comments on whether the Council has accurately summarised those requirements in the PAVR. 


Have your say

We would encourage you to submit your comments online using the form below. Submitting your comments online is the simplest way to have your say and offers you the opportunity to respond to the individual parts of the PAVR. You may submit as many individual comments as you wish. 

Access the response form here

If you are unable to access the consultation or associated documents online, or require them in a different format, please get in touch with Planning Services using the contact details below.

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