Bridgit Care

What is Bridgit Care?

We recognize the complex challenges that unpaid carers face and are committed to providing immediate support to those in need.

The Bridgit Care platform is specifically designed to support carers throughout their journey, offering resources for personal well-being, employment, and financial guidance. Bridgit also connects carers with local support networks, services, and events, ensuring that they always have a community to rely on.

What to expect:

  • WhatsApp Coaches: Available 24/7 for support on caregiving, wellbeing, employment, finances, and more.
  • Custom Support Modules and email courses: Covering 25 key areas to offer tailored advice.
  • Virtual Carers Card: Free access to a Carers ID card and national discounts.
  • Emergency ‘What If’ Plans: A digital tool for important emergency planning.

How you can help:

  • Spread the Word: Share our materials within your networks.
  • Encourage Engagement: Direct those in need towards Bridgit Care.
  • Share Your Feedback: Your insights are invaluable. Let us know your thoughts to help us improve.
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