In 1976, armed with a single phone in a rented office, Dimensions began supporting people with learning disabilities, autism and complex needs out of institutions, helping them lead ordinary lives in their local communities.

Forty years on, our work is fundamentally unchanged: we support people with learning disabilities and autistic people to have a louder voice, choice and control in their lives. Our 7000 colleagues deliver ambitious, effective, personalised support often with those whose previous support has not been successful.

Working alongside our colleagues are family members and many of the people we support. They could be quality checkers, interviewers or members of our Council. Their voices and experiences inform the research we use to deliver improved outcomes. Together, we continue to prove that life really can get better.

Through our person-centred approach we support:

    • People with profound and multiple learning disabilities
    • People with complex autism
    • People needing full time support, and those needing a little less
    • People with complex health needs
    • People whose behaviour may challenge those around them
    • People in assessment and treatment units
    • Young adults leaving school and college
    • People with forensic support needs
    • People looking for a place to live
    • People and families needing a break
    • People seeking employment
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