Past Events

Carer’s assessment and carers offers

Milton Keynes City Council completed online and in person events for carers to share their views on how Carers are supported in October and November 2022.

Over 40 carers attended the different events sharing their views on our Carer’s assessment and Carer's offers. Thank you to everyone who attended and shared their feedback.  

There was general agreement the Carers’ assessment should be focused on a Carer’s conversation and in addition, carers should be offered a separate assessment from the assessment of the Cared for person.

This approach has been introduced into our working practice and all carers are now offered the option of a separate assessment. We have also launched a new online support service called Mobilise. You can find more information about this and some of the other improvements we have introduced following the feedback we received.

Talking Dementia

The one-day event held at The Church of Christ the Cornerstone on 30 June brought together more than a dozen local organisations with residents who have dementia, their family, and carers.  

Feedback from people who attended included: 

More information about activities for people living with Dementia would be helpful, especially for people with early onset dementia and those in advanced stages.  

A focus on care and support, including day centre provisions for people with moderate to advanced dementia, available online information resources and helpline support, especially for some carers who said they would like more support with their own mental health.  

Improving carers respite time by providing transport to activities from the person’s home and back.  

Thank you to everyone who attended, the feedback provided will help inform how our services could be improved.