Milton Keynes - A Dementia Friendly City

The rate of dementia among older people in the UK population is growing. Within Milton Keynes there is a growing population of over 65’s, this is set to increase over the upcoming years. Dementia is therefore likely to become one the biggest challenges for our community.

Milton Keynes City Council, in partnership with Alzheimer’s Society, have committed to make Milton Keynes a Dementia friendly city. This means that we are working towards making it a good place for people with dementia and their carers and families to live. We want to support people with dementia and their carers to help maintain independence and quality of life.

To achieve our goal, we have established three areas of work.

  1. To make Milton Keynes Council Dementia Friendly.
  2. Supporting Milton Keynes health and social care sectors to become Dementia Friendly. The aim is to establish groups who will lead this work in their organisation.
  3. To work with our commercial, transport and retail sectors to build their awareness of dementia and support them to become Dementia Friendly. We will also aim to provide schools and colleges with information to ensure that pupils become familiar with dementia.