Shared Lives

What is Shared Lives?

Shared Lives services are designed to support adults with care and support needs who need a helping hand. This service is available to all Adult Social Care service users and matches an adult who has care and support needs with an approved Shared Lives Carer.

The carers share their regular family and community life with the adult to provide the help they need, this can include social and recreational activities, washing and dressing (personal care) and preparing food.

Shared Lives support can vary from a day a week, a day a month, overnight stays or living with someone for a short while or permanently.

Information for Shared Lives Service Users

What can Shared Lives offer ?

A Shared Lives arrangement is very flexible and is individual to you and the support that you need to build and maintain your independence, it can be:

  • somewhere to live
  • somewhere to stay for a short break
  • somewhere to go for day time support

In Shared Lives you are supported by someone called a Shared Lives carer who will share their home with you and include you as part of their family. There are lots of different kinds of Shared Lives carers, some are couples and some are single people, some have children, some provide support to more than one person.

All the Shared Lives carers who we work with in Milton Keynes are part of the Shared Lives MK scheme, and have been through our assessment process.

How to access this service

If you are interested in using this service, a Shared Lives Officer can tell you more about how the scheme works and they will help every step of the way. Please contact us for more information.

Information for Shared Lives Carers

Who can be a Shared Lives Carer?

Almost anybody can become a Shared Lives carer. It is all about finding the right person for you to connect with. The most important thing is that you have an interest in others, the ability to respond to the needs of those around you and good communication skills. Some people work as a Shared Lives carer in addition to other employment.

Why choose to become a Shared Lives carer ?

  • It offers an alternative to working for a care agency
  • It’s rewarding for both the adult with support needs and the carer
  • You will be working with the same person on a regular basis
  • You can give as much of your time as you like 
  • The work can fit well around other responsibilities you may have
  • You will be paid for your time
  • We will work with you to find a placement which works for everyone and will help you both during the placement.

How to apply

Shared Lives MK is responsible for recruiting, vetting, training and supporting Shared Lives carers. All our carers go through an assessment process which takes around three months, which includes:

  • Home visits
  • Interview with our assessment panel
  • Shared Lives Carer Agreement
  • Matching with service user
  • Shared Lives Arrangement Agreement

 Email if you are interested in becoming a Shared Lives carer, Call 01908 258088 for further information.

This service is a  CQC Registered Service

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