Laundry Service

What does the Laundry Service do?

The service operates across the Milton Keynes area and is for anyone who has a current social care need or requires short term support with their washing and ironing during periods of sickness when additional help is needed.

The service can cater for ad hoc or weekly laundry, it also can offer a twice a week incontinence laundry service.

How the service works:

  • We will supply you with a bag to pack your laundry in ready for us to collect.
  • Our driver will collect the laundry from your home on an agreed day.
  • Laundry staff will wash your laundry on the relevant wash cycle, it will then be dried and ironed.
  • The clean ironed laundry will then be professionally packed ready to be returned to you.
  • Our driver will deliver your laundry back to you a week after it was collected.
  • More than one bag of washing can be sent each week if required. Additional costs may apply.

Duvets and Larger Items

  • The Laundry Service can process some machine washable duvets, quilts and larger items. 
  • Machine washable blankets, quilts, throws, chair covers etc. can also be processed.

Please Note

  • Items must be machine washable
  • Items must be able to be tumble dried
  • Thermal clothing cannot be ironed
  • We use roller irons so some items may not be ironed to the same standard as when using a flat iron i.e. shirt collars, fitted sheets, jeans.

How to access this service

If you feel this service would be of help to you or you require further information please contact your social worker who can arrange this for you.

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