Direct Payments Support Service (Connection Support)

What help can Connection Support offer?

If you are not sure if Direct Payments are the best option for you or you need help to manage your Direct Payment Connection Support is a local service which can help you. 

Connection Support can give you as much support as you need, it is independent of the Council and has a contract with the Council to:

  • Support you to set up a Direct Payment and learn how to complete quarterly returns
  • Provide a helpline for any Direct Payment issues or enquiries
  • Hold clients Direct Payment monies and make all necessary payments on their behalf
  • Provide a wide range of information, support and advice if you wish to, or are thinking about employing your own personal assistant
  • Run a payroll service to calculate wages and tax payments for the people you employ

Milton Keynes City Council recommends that you use Connection Support if you use your Direct Payment to employ a Personal Assistant(s).

Other Direct Payments help and support

If you choose not to use the locally contracted service please inform the worker who is supporting you, they can signpost you to information to give you some guidance on becoming a good employer, how to keep safe and how to use your Direct Payments.

Please also see our "Help with Managing Direct Payments" page.