'Top up' Payments for Care Home Placements

What is a 'Top up' ?

If you receive Adult Social Care funded support and it has been decided that your care and support needs will be best met in a care home, you can choose more expensive accommodation than the amount that Adult Social Care has agreed to pay.

The additional cost is known as a  “Top-Up” payment and it can be paid by:

  • you (“first party top ups”) in limited circumstances and subject to legal restrictions
  • a family member or friend (" third party top ups")

The decision to make Top Up payments is completely optional.  It's important that anyone who agrees to a Top Up arrangement understands what this involves and is certain that, if care and support costs increase, they can continue to pay the Top Up amount for as long as it is needed.  In all cases the person paying the Top Up must apply to the Council for agreement to do this and sign a written legal arrangement with the Council.

This is described in more detail in our leaflet "Choice of accommodation Top Ups Leaflet (V2.1 April 2019)". 

More information and advice

For more information contact our Access Team. If you are already speaking with one of our services, please contact that team.

We also recommended that you seek  Independent Financial, Welfare Benefits and Legal Advice before making any major decisions.

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