Directory of Armed Forces Support

Armed Forces Support Directory

Whether you are currently serving in the Armed Forces, are a reservist, or have previously served, there are many organisations who offer guidance and support for you and your family. Areas that help can be provided include:

  • benefits and pensions
  • crisis support
  • employment and training
  • finance, and hardship
  • general help accessing support
  • homelessness
  • physical or mental health services
  • social groups

Many of the local, regional, and national organisations have first-hand experience and specialist knowledge of the armed forces community. A list of services offered in Milton Keynes and adjoining areas can be found in our Armed Forces Support Directory. The directory has up-to-date details and links to service providers within it. You may also wish to download the Forces Connect app from your mobile device app provider.  You can search within the Forces Connect app for services in your local area and our directory links are also included within it.