Update - 12 April 2021 

Citizenship ceremonies are moving back to groups


We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer small group citizenship ceremonies but please read the following before you contact us:

  • Check the letter you have received from the Home Office, if it states that the Home Office will "send out your invitation and you will then be able to book a ceremony with your local authority" then you must wait until you receive your Home Office invitation letter before contacting us as this will only be sent to you once the Home Office have despatched your certificate to us;   
  • We can only book your ceremony if we have received your certificate of naturalisation from the Home Office.  We are aware of delays with the despatch of certificates and unless we hold your certificate, we are unable to conduct a ceremony; 
  • Please do not bring any guests to your ceremony.  In order for us to adhere to social distancing guidelines we must restrict the number of people in our offices at all times and therefore we are unable to accommodate any guests, so please do not bring anyone with you when you attend. If you do bring guests, they will be asked to wait outside;
  • Children under the age of 18 who have been granted citizenship should not attend.  Their certificate will be presented to their parent(s);
  • If you have recently returned from overseas, please let us know when you contact so that we can look at ceremony dates after you have completed any quarantine requirements or alternatively we may be able to offer a virtual ceremony, however, you must be able to confirm that you are in the UK before a virtual ceremony can be booked.

In order to book a ceremony please contact us on 01908 372101.

If you are unable to attend a group ceremony, please email your full name, Home Office reference number and a contact telephone number to

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On the day of your ceremony

If you feel at all unwell or have been asked to self-isolate do not attend your appointment – call us to rearrange.  We will then re-book you onto the next available ceremony or discuss options for a virtual ceremony.

Please arrive promptly and wait at the main Registrar’s entrance. If there are others waiting please maintain social distancing.

You must wear a mask or face covering when you attend your ceremony, but you will be asked to remove this briefly to allow the registrar to be able to conduct an identity check.

You will be invited into the building one at a time so that we can maintain social distancing at all times.

On arrival you will be asked to sanitize your hands and maintain social distancing at all times.

There are no toilets, water or waiting areas on site.

You must bring your Home Office letter to your ceremony and some form of photographic ID, such as your passport or driving licence.  If your Home Office letter has been emailed to you, please bring a printout of this with you. 

You will be asked to either swear or affirm the oath of allegiance.  Please do not worry about learning this in advance as you will be provided with a handout containing the words. 

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I have been asked to self-isolate / quarantine or feel unwell

If you are asked to self-isolate, quarantine or you are feeling unwell, you must not attend our offices. 

In this instance we may be able to offer a virtual ceremony, but you must be physically in the UK at the time the ceremony takes place.  As travel can be disrupted as short notice, we ask that you do not book your virtual ceremony until you have arrived back in the UK.

In order to participate in a virtual ceremony, you must be in the UK and you will need access to either a computer, laptop or smartphone with a camera and microphone as we will need to be able to see you and your documents plus hear you either swear or affirm the oath of allegiance.

During the call we will need you to show your Home Office letter as well as photographic ID plus proof of your address, such as a driving licence, to the camera so that we can see the details and we will need to check your address to ensure that your certificate is posted to your correct address. 

Please note:  If your address is different to that shown on the cover sheet which accompanies your certificate of naturalisation then you must contact the Home Office and ask them to inform us of your new address.  We will only be able to send your certificate to different address if the Home Office give us permission to do so, so there may be a delay in receiving your certificate. 

We will also need to take a small payment of £7.50 which will cover the cost of posting your certificate of naturalisation via Royal Mail Special Delivery as this will allow you to track your certificate and also ensure that you receive it as quickly as possible. 

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How to book a virtual ceremony

In order to book a virtual ceremony please email your full name, Home Office reference number and a contact telephone number to

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Your virtual ceremony

A meeting invitation will be sent to you via email, this will show the date and time of the ceremony and will include the following information:

Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer of mobile app

Click here to join the meeting

When you click the link, you will be taken to Microsoft's website where you will be given an option to either download the Teams app or to join the meeting if you already have it.

To download the Microsoft Teams app

  • click on the link, this will take you to your app store
  • follow the instructions within your app store to download the free app

Once the app has successfully downloaded, go back to the email from us and click the "Click here to join the meeting" link again.  You will then be prompted to open the Teams app.

Select "Join as a guest"

You will need to allow access to your device's microphone.

Type in your full name so we know who is waiting to join the meeting. 

At the time specified on your invitation you will be admitted into the video session.  Please also ensure that you activate the camera option as we do need to be able to see you, plus we will need to see your Home Office letter as well as your passport and valid driving licence showing your home address.  Please do not activate the "blurred background" option as this will result in us not being able to see your documents clearly.

During the ceremony you will be asked to either swear or affirm the oath of allegiance.  You will be able to find the words for each option on your Home Office letter, but please do not worry about learning this in advance as we will lead you through the process and will ask you to repeat the oath a few words at a time.

If the ceremony is for you and other members of your family, we will need to see the Home Office letters and photographic ID for each of you. Anyone over the age of 18 will need to say the oath but children under 18 don't need to, but they are, of course, welcome to join in should they wish to. We will need to see and hear all those over 18 saying the words so we may ask you to move slightly so that we can see everyone on screen.

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After a virtual ceremony has taken place

After the ceremony has taken place we will post your certificate to you via Special Delivery and you will get your certificate the next working day.  Please be aware that for ceremonies taking place from 3pm onwards certificates will leave us on the next working day.

As mentioned above, we are only able to post certificates to the address supplied to us by the Home Office.  If your address is different then you must contact the Home Office to ask them to contact us with your updated details.  We are unable to post to any other address than that shown on the paperwork which accompanies your certificate.

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Last Updated: 20 April 2021