Every adult applying for citizenship is required to attend a citizenship ceremony as the final step to becoming a British Citizen.

When your citizenship application is approved you will receive confirmation of this, in writing, from the Home Office.  At the same time, the Home Office will arrange for your certificate of naturalisation to be sent to your local Register Office.

Once we have received the certificates of naturalisation in Milton Keynes, details will be uploaded into our online booking system which will allow you the opportunity to book your place to attend a group ceremony.  The group ceremonies are normally held on the first Wednesday of each month and there are either two or three ceremonies each day, depending on demand.  These are usually held at 10am, 12noon and 2pm.

If you wish to book your ceremony using our online booking system please use the link below.  You will need a username and password to access the system. 

Your username is your surname.  Please note: this will be the last name, therefore if your surname consists of more than one name, please use the last name only.  If your surname is hyphenated please use your full surname including the hyphen.

Your password is your Home Office reference number.


Alternatively, call 01908 372101 in order to book your ceremony.  The booking line is open from 9am until 5.15pm Monday to Friday.  You will need your Home Office reference number when you call.

The venue for your group ceremony will be confirmed when you make your booking, but ceremonies are mainly held in the Flowers Suite at:

1 Saxon Gate East
Central Milton Keynes

You may bring up to two guests with you to a group ceremony and you should allow two hours.

During the ceremony you will have to either swear or affirm the oath of allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen and make a pledge of loyalty to the United Kingdom.  The words are on the back of your Home Office letter, but don't worry, you don't need to memorise these as our ceremony staff will guide you through the process. 

At the end of the ceremony you will be presented with your certificate of British citizenship and a welcome pack.

You will also have an opportunity to purchase a commemorative photograph which will be taken after the ceremony has finished. 

All adults over the age of 18 must attend the ceremony.  Children are very welcome to attend but we do ask that they are closely supervised so as not to impact on anyone's enjoyment of the ceremony.  

Although it is not a legal requirement for minors (under 18 years of age) to attend a ceremony or to swear or affirm the oath of allegiance, they are very welcome to take part if they wish. 

Alternatively, you may prefer to have a private ceremony.  If so, you can arrange this by calling 01908 372101.  You will be asked to provide your name, a contact telephone number and email address, these details will be passed to the Register Office in order to arrange a call back.  A fee is payable for a private ceremony and will be taken at the time of booking.   

Private ceremonies are usually held in the Flowers Suite at:

1 Saxon Gate East
Central Milton Keynes

The Flowers Suite can hold up to 80 people.   

You should allow up to 30 minutes for a private ceremony.


Please keep your Home Office application approval letter safe as you must bring this with you to your ceremony.  We will need to see the Home Office letters for all new citizens and also for any children who are under the age of 18 who will be receiving certificates of naturalisation on the day even if they don't intend being at the ceremony.  We will also need to see some form of photographic ID for each of you when you attend.  Failure to produce this document may result in admittance to the ceremony being refused.


For more information about applying for citizenship please contact UK Visa and Immigration.

Website: or

Telephone: 0300 123 2253 

Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm 
Friday, 9am to 4:30pm 


Last Updated: 9 January 2020