Family Support Hubs

We have three geographically based family support hubs, these hubs work with families who have significant needs. Their needs will have been identified through an assessment by the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH). 

Family support is about a social worker getting alongside a family, understanding the situation from their perspective and helping them identify the key issues which lead to the compromising of children’s needs. We aim to work together with families where we seek to stop, listen and think about what has been said and the meaning this has for the child, whilst maintaining a clear focus upon the safety of the child. 

Support is also provided to children with disabilities and their families, including a range of short breaks and practical help at home. 

Families will be encouraged to review their progress at family support meetings. Where risks to the child continue or get more significant the case may progress to child protection.

Additional services may provide support to the Family Support Hubs with specialist assessments and interventions.

Family support will end once risk issues are minimised and families have established a more consistent way to meet their children’s needs.