Signs of Safety

What is Signs of Safety? 

The Signs of Safety model puts your family at the centre of the process and asks you what you need to improve your situation.

It is a way of working with children and families to ensure that your views are heard.

It will make sure you understand why children and families practices or children’s social care are involved with your family and what you need to do to keep your children safe now and in the future. 

Signs of Safety map


What will Signs of Safety mean to children and families?

Sometimes you may need support to meet the needs of your children; your children might be at risk of harm and you may need help to keep them safe. You might be struggling to cope with your child’s challenging behaviour, or you might have difficulties of your own which are making it hard for you to meet your children’s needs.

Signs of Safety will work with you to look at the areas of support needed and identify areas that are working well and explore any risks to the children.

Signs of Safety uses simple, friendly approaches to help children and young people share their feelings and worries.