Pay and allowances

How much you get paid depends on your experience and how many children you look after.   

As a newly qualified foster carer you could be paid between £332 and £415 a week tax-free for one child equivalent to £17,264 -£21,580 a year.    

If you've fostered before or have significant childcare experience you could be paid between £377 and £460 per week tax-free for one child – equivalent to £19,604 -£23,920 a year.    

If you foster more than one child you could be paid more for fostering more than one child. For example, if you foster two children you could be paid a minimum of £664 a week tax-free – equivalent to £34,528 a year.

You will get a regular income if you foster with us because we always have children who need a home.


We also provide:

Money for school uniforms, birthdays, Christmas or religious festivals, transport and holidays, equipment and funding for any special support the child needs.


Additional benefits

Milton Keynes City Council offers foster carers:

  • Regular supervision and support
  • Ongoing training
  • 24/7 duty number 
  • Access to local fostering groups
  • Membership of the Fostering Network
  • Foster Carer mentor scheme
  • Access to clinical supervision
  • We place with our carers first 
  • Additional financial incentives


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