Consultation for 20mph zones - various locations in Olney

Consultation for 20mph zones - various locations in Olney

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The proposals for the 20mph zone may be viewed on the document below:

Olney 20mph zone plan

The proposals include either full or partial sections of these roads.

The streets included in this consultation are:


  • Yardley Road (Part)
  • Woodpits Lane (Whole)
  • Slatepits Croft (Whole)
  • Aspreys (Whole)
  • Foxhill (Whole)
  • Hawkswood (Whole)
  • Maybush Walk (Whole)
  • Crabtree Close (Whole)
  • Fishermans Close (Whole)
  • Guinea Orchard (Whole)
  • Rivetts Close (Whole)
  • Talbots Hyde (Whole)
  • Flaggs Meadow (Whole)
  • Oxleys (Whole)
  • Stocken Close (Whole)
  • Overhills (Whole)
  • Cherry Orchard (Whole)
  • Whitmees Close (Whole)
  • Dickens Spinney (Whole)
  • Anding Close (Whole)
  • Court Corner (Whole)
  • Bacon Hill (Whole)
  • Hollow Wood (Whole)
  • Stone Pit Close (Whole)

To make formal comments, use the email address at the top of the page.

Consultation Result

The Council received a total of 26 responses to this consultation.

15 Objections 

8 In support

3 General comments

You can view the full list of all responses received here


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