Homeworld '81 - Heritage and Futures

Photo of one of the Homeworld '81 Expo Houses in Bradwell Common.  This house was an entry from New Zealand and had an unusual windmill tower design.

Homeworld Heritage

Between 4-16 May 2021, Living Archive MK, MK City Discovery Centre, Pooleyville and MK Council delivered an online programme of talks, screenings, events and activities celebrating the 40th anniversary of Homeworld ‘81 - a significant and nationally important Housing Expo.

A new Homeworld MK Trail was also created from the archive photos, memories, oral history interviews and publications and a documentary film (Links to Vimeo) was produced for the occasion.

Read more about Homeworld - 40 years on and visit the Homeworld 2021 website.


Homeworld Futures

In September 2022, MK Council and its partners will deliver Homeworld Futures which will take this important theme of innovative, sustainable housing design and bring it right up to date for artists, residents and city planners to work together through cultural activities designed to assist in planning what our neighbourhoods might look like as regeneration and growth continue.

Central to the project will be a touring ‘Future Pavilion’ built by local residents to act as a base for this activity. 

Culture Team contact information

Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ