New Town Heritage Explorers

Picture of Mayor Sam Crooks with celebrated Black Pioneers in Milton Keynes standing in front of their exhibition and the New Town Heritage Explorers Logo

From 2018 - 2021, MK Council and Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre (MKCDC) secured National Lottery Heritage Fund investment thanks to National Lottery players, for a pioneering New Town Heritage Explorers project in Milton Keynes. As a significant part of a wider programme focussed on Milton Keynes New Town design heritage USP, this project supported a step change in active learning, volunteering, flagship events and online delivery.  This pilot project brought together the physical and natural heritage of our places with the social and cultural heritage of its people, including many pioneer communities. 

Results included many new opportunities for groups to showcase their heritage, a new heritage toolkit for communities to assess and value their local areas and new evidence helping to value this new town heritage in future planning applications and developments.

For more information on the project and its activities please check the City Discovery Centre website: New Town Heritage Explorers Project or search for MK Explorers on the MK Council YouTube channel.

Culture Team contact information

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