The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon Local Nature Reserve in Bletchley is a former brick works site that opened in 1929. The clay pits on the site flooded in 1947, and later they were filled and landscaped. The site officially opened in 1994 to the public.

As part of improving the site, Milton Keynes City Council in partnership with The Newt Conservation Partnership has restored and improved the network of ponds as part of its ongoing commitment to improving biodiversity and maintaining attractive green spaces in the city.    

The Blue Lagoon covers 116 acres and is rich in wildlife. You might see:  

  • Badgers  
  • Bats  
  • Grass snakes  
  • Great crested newts  
  • butterflies, damselflies and dragonflies  
  • And over a dozen bird species

Things to do

Things to do while visiting the site include:

  • Walk
  • Cycle
  • Fish (provided you have an Environment Agency rod licence)
  • Picnic
  • Birdwatch

Future plans

We are currently bidding for funds to improve the Blue Lagoon, with a view to making the nature reserve more accessible and enjoyable for residents and families. Currently, other than car park and paths, there are no built features for visitors.  

How to get here

The site is accessible by car from Drayton Road. It is also accessible from Newton Leys via the new redway by the Newton Leys Pavilion.  There is access to the redway from Water Eaton Road and it is possible to join the redway from Barton Road.

Warning when visiting the site

We do not encourage or recommend entering the water for the following reasons:  

  • No lifeguard on site
  • Depth of water approximately 18 metres
  • Cold water shock is a known risk to users
  • Unknown hazards, such as glass or other debris under foot
  • Water not tested for bathing suitability

There are other locations within Milton Keynes that are more suitable for those that enjoy cold water swimming, such as Willen Lake (check for set times when this activity is available) and Woburn outdoor pool.