Help us water new trees

Trees are essential part of MK and we manage our trees using the urban forestry model. We want residents to be active in helping us to manage and care for Milton Keynes urban forest.

For the first three years, newly planted trees need a little extra care and attention to help them get established. The most critical element is to keep them well watered while they adjust to their new surroundings.

In return, the trees will provide clean air to breathe and homes for birds and creatures. It will help to cool the streets, combating the ill effects of climate change for future generations.

How to help

On most of our newly planted trees we have provided hydration bags. If you notice a new tree on your street, you can help do your bit. It doesn't matter whether you have a hosepipe, a watering can or even just the washing-up bowl.  Fill up the hydration bag which will slowly release the water.

Here is a guide to watering frequency for newly planted trees:

First year after planting

  • April to August: water once a week or twice if the weather is very hot or dry

Second year after planting

  • April: only water if the weather is very dry
  • May to August: water once every fortnight

Third year after planting

  • April to May: only water if the weather is very dry
  • June to August: water once each month