Wildflowers in Milton Keynes

One of the Council’s priorities is to increase biodiversity around the city as part of its wider work to tackle climate change. 

Over 1,000 pollinating species such as bees and beetles are already benefitting from Council work to increase wildflower verges and meadows. As well as the sowing of wildflowers, sedum plants have been planted on top of a number of bus shelters and roundabouts to help support biodiversity. 

You may notice a difference in some areas where we are either planting wildflowers, and/or allowing the grass to grow longer. The  wildflower seeding programme continues and is included within a revised landscape maintenance approach covering open spaces and grid roads. 

Wildflowers provide food – including pollen, shelter, and places to breed for insects, and the insects themselves then provide more plentiful food for creatures up the chain such as birds, bats, and amphibians. The council is also working to create new wildflower corridors along MK’s famous grid roads. 

Residents can have a positive impact by allowing areas of their garden to go wild and plant native nectar rich species.

Wildflowers in Milton Keynes