Play areas

There are a large number of play areas spread throughout MK Borough - for a map showing their locations go to MyMK mapping (Leisure and Cultural > Play Areas).

For each play area located on the map, the types of equipment available and their age suitability are shown, as well as the managing authority for the site - not all the play areas listed are the responsibility of MKCC.  For a separate list of councils that undertake their own landscape maintenance, see the Devolved Parishes page.


Photograph of an open green space with trees and play area in the foreground, and houses in the background

Play areas and open space in Grange Farm, MK © Google 2023

How to report a problem

Use the council services pages to report a problem with any play areas managed by MKCC.

Equality Act 2010(c.20)

Prior to the 1st October 2004 all suppliers of services, be they charged or free, were obliged to make “reasonable adjustments” to physical features on all of their services to be as accessible as possible to people of all abilities.

Given the number of play areas under Council care it could not be seen as reasonable to address all of the issues at once. To be realistic, the resources available to the Council are not sufficient to do anything other than manage the current Play areas.

In some cases this management can involve removal of some equipment, as and when it comes to the end of its safe maintainable life span. The Council can at that time address its responsibility under the Equalities Act and identify any features, which prevent full access to the equipment. This can done in one of four ways under the act:

  • remove the feature
  • alter it so that it no longer has that effect
  • provide a reasonable means of avoiding the feature
  • provide a reasonable alternative method of making the service in question available to disabled persons