Public rights of way

Milton Keynes Council is responsible for maintaining 776 public rights of way covering 550km including:

  • 356km of public footpaths
  • 192km of public bridleways
  • 1km of byways - open to all traffic

The council’s responsibilities include:

• signposting - where paths leave a metalled road and along the paths where appropriate

• maintaining and controlling natural vegetation - many remote countryside paths require additional maintenance

• providing and maintaining bridges over natural water courses and ditches

• providing grants to farmers or landowners of at least 25% of the cost of maintaining existing authorised stiles and gates 

• keeping a register of Definitive Map modification orders


Cross-field footpath

We want you to enjoy the countryside around us and so it is important to remember that landowners and the public also have responsibilities. Please help to ensure the countryside remains welcome to all by following some simple do's and don'ts: 


  • be prepared - wear suitable footwear and clothing and plan your route
  • be responsible - keep to paths, shut gates behind you and take your litter home
  • keep your dog on a lead where farm animals are present - under the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act (1953) dogs can legally be seized and/or destroyed if they are endangering or worrying sheep
  • be careful - walk to face on-coming traffic when following roads
  • respect the wildlife and people who live in the countryside
  • enjoy your surroundings


  • park your car somewhere it could cause obstruction to local residents or landowners
  • cause any damage or disturbance
  • deviate from the line of the right of way - unless you need to pass an obstruction
  • use a vehicle on a byway if it is not registered, taxed and insured
  • set up tables, chairs and picnic equipment
  • scrump fruit - for example, steal apples from an orchard

 More information on the Countryside Code can be found here.

How do I find a public right of way?

A map of all of the rights of way, including footpaths, bridleways and byways can be viewed on MyMK Mapping system. You can see the individual reference name of each footpath or bridleway by clicking on the path you are interested in. 

Simply click on 'My Maps', choose the 'public rights of way' tick box from the list on the left side of the screen, then navigate across the map to your chosen location. 

Reporting an issue

Please report any issues like a broken stile or obstruction on a footpath, bridleway or byway to our customer services team, details below.  

Parks and Open Spaces

Parks and Open Spaces contact information

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