Food transport vehicles and containers

What you need to know

Vehicles and containers used to transport foods must be kept clean and maintained in good repair and condition, to protect foods from contamination. Where necessary they must be designed and constructed to allow adequate cleaning and/or disinfection.

Items used to hold food (e.g. boxes) in vehicles and/or containers must not be used for transporting anything other than foods where this may cause contamination.

Where vehicles and/or containers are used for transporting anything other than foods, or for transporting different foods at the same time, products must be effectively separated, where necessary.

Foods transported in bulk such as liquids, granules or powder must be transported in items used only to hold foods and/or containers/tankers used only for transporting foods. These containers must be marked in a way that is clearly visible and 'indelible' (i.e. cannot be rubbed out/removed), in one or more European Community languages (including English), to show that they are used for transporting foods, or be marked for foodstuffs only.

Where vehicles and/or containers have been used for transporting anything other than foods or for transporting different foods, you must clean effectively between loads to avoid the risk of contamination.

Foods in vehicles and/or containers must be placed and protected in a way that minimises the risk of contamination.

Where necessary, vehicles and/or containers used for transporting foods must be capable of keeping foods at appropriate temperatures and allow those temperatures to be monitored.

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