Making risk assessment easier

Making it easier

  • Risk assessments aren’t every business’ favourite topic but tackling them has just become easier thanks to a new initiative from the Health and Safety Executive.
  • A template for risk assessment and policy is now available to help duty holders in lower risk premises, such as offices and small shops meet their basic health and safety duties.
  • The template can be found at the HSE website.
  • The tool is designed to demonstrate a sensible and proportionate approach for businesses.
  • The document combines the requirement of a risk assessment, health and safety policy and management arrangements into one document thereby eradicating duplication, saving time, resources and cost.

Sample risk assessments

  • There are over 30 sample risk assessments available.
  • Choose the one closest to your business and use it as a guide.
  • The template must be made specific to your business and should not be viewed as fulfilling your legal duties of itself.

For further information on all health and safety topics please visit the Health and Safety Executive website.

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