All new and renewal applications for a Combined Drivers licence must be submitted online using the link below. You will need to register an account and keep your log in and password safe; this will be needed for every application/document(s) that you submit in the future.

New drivers

If you would like to become a driver of a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire vehicle licensed by Milton Keynes City Council you will need to apply for a Combined Driver Licence. Please download and read the following information carefully before you make your application.

If you believe that you meet the criteria for a Combined Driver Licence, please proceed with your application using the application portal below. If a full application is not submitted, your application will be rejected.

Online Application Portal

NOTE: We aim to action all emails and applications within seven working days, however this may vary during holiday periods or bank holidays. If you contact the council you MUST provide an application reference, badge number or plate number or you will not receive a response.

Renewing your licence

You should renew your licence at least two months prior to its expiry. If you fail to do so, you may not have your licence renewed in time for you to continue to work; you will need to provide all of the required documents regardless of whether you have supplied them for previous applications. You can then submit your application via the link below.

Online Application Portal

Updating your documents

Licensed drivers are required to keep the Council up to date with a number of documents that have expiry dates. You must ensure that your driving licence, passport, medical, right to work and any other documentation the Council may request or condition you to provide are valid and up to date.