Matters which Milton Keynes City Council cannot investigate as neighbourhood noise complaints

List of matters

Trivial matters that Milton Keynes City Council cannot investigate includes the following:

  • Unavoidable everyday sound, e.g. but not limited to
    • Use of toilets
    • Domestic air extractor fans
    • Walking up and down stairs
    • Doors closing
    • Domestic appliances i.e. vacuum cleaners/washing machines
  • Children playing/crying
  • Occasional DIY (depending on time of day)
  • Sound of car horns
  • Emergency street works by utility companies or roadworks
  • Traffic noise
  • Railway noise
  • Aircraft noise
  • Low-frequency sounds (hums) pose particular difficulty for detecting a definitive source, so it might not be possible to identify where exactly the vibration is occurring
  • Where the noise source address or location is unknown
  • Instances where a complainant has a particular sensitivity to sound.