Faulty or damaged street lights

We will be continuing with our upgrade programme to convert all streetlights across MK to LED. If you report a fault to us about one of the older, orange lights we will pick it up through our upgrade programme rather than fix the old light. This only applies to the lantern itself and not the lamppost column.

Any faults reported to us from October 2020 will be scheduled in for repair within a 7 - 14 day period however some repairs may be delayed due to one of the following reasons:

  • On inspection by an engineer, the fault is complex or extensive
  • The location of the street light is on a grid road or other busy road and requires planned traffic management
  • The light reported to us is scheduled in for an LED upgrade already
  • Access to the lamp column is difficult or prevented e.g. parked cars or vegetation
  • We have to request that Western Power Distribution (WPD) disconnect and then reconnect the mains power supply*.

*These repairs will require a request to Western Power Distribution (WPD) to disconnect and reconnect the power supply. We don't have any control over when this will happen so this can take longer than the stated timeframe and the repair of energy supply faults to homes and businesses takes priority. Once WPD have completed their works, we can begin our repairs.

How to report a street lighting fault

You can let us know about a faulty street light on the Report It link below. Make sure you include the lamp column reference number and if possible, a postcode and house number closest to the faulty lamppost. This will help our engineers to locate the problem quickly. If you're not sure how to describe the fault, take a look at our Common Faults (PDF, 1.5MB) factsheet.

Report it: Street Light fault

Repair Service Standards

Type of repair Duration
Urgent issues

2 hours - immediate action to make it safe.

Any further repairs needed will be scheduled in.

Lamp out single non-grid road

Lamp out three or more adjacent a roundabout and on a grid road

14 days from date report is received by us

Lamp out single grid road

28 days from date report is received by us
Light on all day (dayburner) Non-urgent so scheduled for repair within 2-3 months
Replace a column (lamppost) Up to 28 days
Install and connect a new power supply to a column 28 days*
Repair to underground electrical cables feeding street lights 28 days*

*Subject to Western Power Distribution attending the site for disconnection and reconnection of the power supply.