Our role as a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA)

Milton Keynes Council is a Lead Local Flood Authority (under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010) with a responsibility for managing the following types of flooding:

  • surface water Flooding – this includes flooding from rainfall runoff from surfaces such as roads, roofs and patios. For more information refer to the Surface Water Flood Risk Maps.
  • ordinary watercourses – this includes flooding from drains and ditches, but excludes main rivers that are managed by the Environment Agency. Catchment maps of the main rivers and waterbodies in Milton Keynes can be found on the Environment Agency website.
  • groundwater flooding – this includes flooding caused by heavy and sustained levels of rainfall capable of increasing the groundwater table. 

As Lead Local Flood Authority our statutory functions include:

  • Creation and maintenance of an Asset Register
  • Statutory consultee to the planning system (major applications)
  • Investigation of flooding incidents
  • Consenting and enforcement powers
  • Co-operation and joint working arrangements
  • Develop, maintain, apply, and monitor statutory documents

Other areas of work and responsibilities carried out under the Lead Local Flood Authority include:

  • Liaising with members, council groups, and parish councils
  • Non-statutory consultee to the planning system (e.g. pre-applications and any application with potential risk to/from surface water, groundwater or ordinary watercourses)
  • Responding to enquiries relating to surface water, ordinary watercourses and groundwater