HYPN Events and Supporting Documentation

Members of the Healthy Young People's Network (HYPN) are working with children and young people in Milton Keynes and are therefore be part of the distribution list where the most recent updates are distributed to ensure a consistent approach to receiving Health and Wellbeing advice.

If you would like to be a member of the HYPN please contact Liz.Wilson@milton-keynes.gov.uk.

HYPN training opportunities

Please see learning resources from Mental Health HEE NHS below. Health Education England (HEE) is part of the NHS, and they work with partners to plan, recruit, educate and train the health workforce.

We are delighted to announce that we have been working with colleagues at Healthy Teen Minds to develop and launch a suite of mental health crisis learning resources

These resources have been designed by young people, working with professionals too, allowing you to hear directly from them about what helps in a moment of crisis. The tools complement existing training and education. They aim to build an individual’s confidence to have effective conversations and provide personalised support to a young person in a mental crisis.

The short Crisis Tools learning guides we have supported are:  

We need to ensure this learning resource gets to the front line, especially to those who work in health and care, educational and emergency response settings. Please share these online tools far and wide with your networks. We have provided suggested copy for your communication channels and the intended audiences we are hoping to reach. We will be actively promoting on social media channels too, so please do support us with this by sharing if you can.

Finally, but most importantly, we would like to extend a special thanks to the young advisors who have co-produced and co-led on the curation and development of these resources. They have all selflessly shared their lived experience of mental health crisis, so we can better understand what support young people want and need to hear in a mental health crisis.   

HYPN virtual and face to face events 

Event themes are developed using health profiling reports, data, government lead and local initiatives and evaluations from the previous sessions.

The sessions are delivered in a variety of ways including presentations, practical parts of the session for discussion, developing local tool kits and blue prints to take away along with sharing good practice.

Previous sessions

Nov 2021  - Impact of Covid 19 and Supporting Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing in Milton Keynes  

See the agenda and documents:

0-19 Teams website and ChatHealth details:

Wellbeing for Education Recovery Project

June 2021 - Teenage Pregnancy Prevention and Support Session

See agenda and documents:

May 2021 - Support Available for Children and Young People in Milton Keynes

See agenda and documents:

HYPN evaluation 2019

Presentations from this event:

Invitations to these events will be sent out via the HYPN distribution on a regular basis.